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Eddie Villa

Client Goals

As with many individuals building up their business and client base, Eddie Villa has been growing his base through years of work on various social media platforms. After years of refining his ability to teach and communicate the knowledge he has gained as a life and business coach, he knew that podcasting would be a vital platform to break into as he continues to convey his message. In order to help Eddie establish his podcast, we set goals based on his current standing on various platforms and strategized ways in which we could leverage his current audience to set a foundation for his podcast and break ground on an untapped audience. With his new audience, Eddie's goal was to become a force of thought leadership within the space while developing his personal brand. He also wanted his podcast to capture and reflect his emphasize on personal ambition as he grew within the space.

With that in mind we established a number of goals:

  • - Get on the New and Noteworthy
  • - Set up his branding and identify his audience for later advertising and marketing
  • - Use data to back up the type of formatting his podcast would need to be to best fit his audience
  • - Establish a firm audience base

Our Approach

Based on our initial market research, we found that the life and business coaching market is a highly saturated space. So we knew that we would have to really target a specific niche within the podcasting category to meet Eddie's goals. After multiple rounds of A/B testing, gathering data to reinforce what we knew about the space, we were able to identify how we could format Eddie's podcast to offer something that his target audience wasn't getting elsewhere. We gathered data driven evidence that indicated:

  • -While the market was highly saturated with general and wide ranging information, Eddie's target audience desired information that delved deeply into one specific topic.
  • -His audience was 57%-64% female and overwhelmingly millennial based.
  • -His audience desired a daily, short-form, podcast over all other formatting possibilities.
  • -His audience were interested in developing their strengths, which fit perfectly with his Gallup StregthsFinder focused assessment skills.

The Launch

As we worked with Eddie to prepare his launch list as we readied to make the final submission to iTunes for publishing, we aimed to get on 1, maybe 2, New and Noteworthy categories during the initial week. With Eddie's current audience primed and ready to listen to his podcast once it was officially published, we awaited the results. We were blown away by the success of his podcast. Among a few very impressive results, his podcast landed on 4 out of the 5 New and Noteworthy categories that he could have ranked in. Not only that, but his podcast was on New and Noteworthy for 11 days, which beat our past record by a full week. The results were in:

  • - New and Noteworthy: Society and Culture, Health, Entertainment, and Personal Journals
  • - New and Noteworthy for a full 11 days
  • - 1,756 total downloads within the first week
  • - 135 5 star rating and reviews during launch week



Eddie Villa is the REAL DEAL! You will not find a coach that is as down to earth and genuinely wants you to SUCCEED! He feels deeply and heals deeply, reaching you at root of your issues. A heart of gold! You definitely will be enriched and will soar to new heights with him by your side!

Fuel to inspire and live in our zone of genius. Listening to these podcasts is kin to eating a home-cooked meal, they are honest, nourishing, and food for the soul. Thanks for helping us develop a deeper sense of self-worth and confidence Eddie! It is indeed what the world needs; passionate and powerful individuals working in their zone of genius, to create lasting connection, community, and change.

Ready to LOVE your strengths?This podcast is excellent for anyone ready to see the beauty in who they are, so they can start showing up as who they are meant to be. I’ve been studying Clifton Strengths for a couple years now, but Eddie brings a depth and an understanding of the more complex intricacies by integrating the domains. I can’t recommend this podcast enough.

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