Research Phase

Exploring the space, learning your audience

During the first stage of launching your podcast, it is necessary to get a lay of the land and get to know the audience that we will be working with.

  • Initial Meeting
  • Surveys and Goal Setting
  • Brand Guide
  • Customer Profile
  • Competitor Research
  • Market Analysis
  • Audience Breakdown

What We Need From You

Surveys and Goal Setting:

During your on-boarding we will send you 2 surveys. Each with questions about your new show. These surveys will also inform us about the audience you would like to hit.

Our Job
  • Initial Meeting
  • Brand Guide
  • Customer Profile
  • Competitor Research
  • Market Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Audience Breakdown

Step Breakdown

This first step takes between 1-2 weeks of work that requires our researchers to scour the internet and collect important data. Most of this will be passed back on to you, and everything will be used to make your show absolutely stellar. Below is a detailed breakdown of each task required complete the research step.

Initial Meeting

During the first meeting we want to make sure we understand what your podcasting vision. We will chat about the New and Noteworthy on Apple Podcasts, and our podcast creation process.

Surveys and Goal Setting

After we get the contracts signed, we will begin the on-boarding process. A major part of this is completing a survey detailing who you want to speak to, and what you want to talk about.

Customer Profile

After meeting, we are going to start exploring your podcast's potential landscape by figuring out where your ideal audience lives, loves, and spends money on.

Competitor Research

Giving your show a fighting chance requires that we know who else is living in the podcasting space. We will include powerful metrics on your fellow podcasters in our report.

Keyword Research

Like any SEO strategy we want to know the 12-15 words we are going to try and make you the king/queen of.

Market Analysis

This step entails giving you a 30,000ft view of the podcasting scene with numbers and metrics to see who big and engaged your die-hard fans tend to be.

Outreach Plan

(For internal use) We want to know what influencers, tastemakers, and important voices are in you world. That way we can reach out to them and make friends.

Audience Breakdown

This is the summation of all the research that we do. This multi-paged PDF will give you the breakdown of all the things that we learn, as well as insights from the researcher.

Brand Guide

(Optional) Making sure we are on the same page, we want to get any style guide, brand handbooks, or customer data you might have to make sure we stay brand-centric.

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