Premium Package




With the premium package, you get all the services rendered in the professional package with our full selection of add-ons. All Add-Ons can be purchased on top of the monthly cost individually or as a package, the entire package price is at the bottom. Moreover, each Add-On service is rendered for every episode.

Content sourcing
Keyword research
Competitor analysis
Market research
Show notes
Monthly analytics
Interview outreach
Collaboration outreach
Apple optimization
Google optimization
Basic Social Media (Youtube)
Ads (basic)
A/b testing
Show testing
Custom music
Full one-person mic setup with recording equipment
Logo Designs
Arbitrage outreach
Content strategy (basic)
Editing (1hr week)
1 min Video (Instagram and Facebook) – $219
15 sec Story (Instagram and Facebook) – $219
Quotable (Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter) – $219
Alternate Social Media – $219
Blog Posts – $186
Transcripts – $136
Custom Music – $230
Additional Advertising – $250
More Editing – $45
Advanced Analytics – $78
Additional Microphones – $700+
Gift Package – $302

$7,216+ Value for $5,000 

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