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Olly Olly Oxen Free

We are Shaq, we let you be Kobe. We got your back, set you up, and let you take it to the hole. Check out our score card below, and roll through some of our highlights.

While we provide the rocket fuel, and act as command control for launching our Client’s podcasts into space, we love the amazing companies that we get to work with. Exploding their word of mouth is what we do. But we could never do it without them.

How Launch A Podcast Right

Gutsy Health kicks alternative health into orbit, and explodes onto the podcasting scene with their dynamic and targeted podcast.

The Smartest Podcast on the Internet

Learn how teaming up with Amazon’s biggest marketplace launched a podcast that grew business and brand by the power of voice.

Unicorn Poop

We got consult with viral legends and brought them to new highs with the Harmon Brother’s amazing new podcast: From Poop to Gold.

Big In Japan

Our First Podcast, the podcast that made us, and the 1.2 million devoted Japanese learners behind the #1 Japanese podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Rock and Roll


Read how we bridged the gap between Music and Audio Story-telling with the power of podcasts with one of the hottest mixing Engineers in the world, Dee Kei Waddell. Leveraging Social Media to create a hit.

We Keep Making: Targeted, High Quality, Audience Specific, Keyword Centric, Data-drive, Proven, Authoritative, Well Produced, Ranking, & Professional Podcasts.

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