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This page is for potential clients that have basic questions about our services and prices. Below are basic price packages and explanations of them. We try to make them as. simple and easy to understand and transparent as we can. While this page may not include everything it should give you a good idea of what things cost. If you have any other questions please feel free to give us a call or shoot us an e-mail.


Start your podcast off right by using our data-driven approach to LAUNCH your podcast in the right direction. Use our system to target your audience and make a show that will inspire and keep them coming back.


This service is for people that already have a podcast up and running but aren’t seeing the growth and ranking that you were looking for. Invest in your podcast let us optimize for its maximum potential.


The number one contributing factor outside of having killer content and keyword optimization is consistency. However, with the every-changing algorithm and the ever present volatility of the various platforms, staying on top of your podcast doesn’t have to take up all your time. We keep it moving in the right direction, while you just focus on your business.

Launch Pricing


Mic & Setup (if needed)

Market Analysis

Keyword Research

Show Testing

Show Recording



Podcast Image


Post Launch Analytics


Custom Music

Media Bank

Listener Profile

Best Practices

Concept Testing

Competitor Analysis



We Know what it is like to bootstrap a business/podcast. We feel for you so we’ve made a bare-bones plan to help your show take off and not crash and burn.



Launch your killer podcast with all the knowledge and data available to make your show something that blows away the competition.

Have a podcast that you need to improve? We would love to help you optimize your ranking and maximize your downloads. We specialize in growing podcasts and making them epic! We run a 8 point diagnostic on your podcast from the back end and help you more carefully target your audience.

The Orbit is highly variable depending on your length, frequency and content strategy. Contact us and choose from our monthly A La Carte services to determine the right fit for you and your brand.

We have two main types of Orbits.

Both Orbit types get your podcast everywhere in crystal clear audio, with killer optimized content

The Thermosphere Orbit is the most popular

The Stratosphere encourages us to grow with you. The bigger you get, the more you get paid.


Lower Monthly Fee

Let us Grow With You

Consulting: x1 per month

Production: $1.50 per minute, monthly fee is based upon the average weekly length of podcast (1hr a week equals $90 per month)

Variable Charge: 3% Download Charge (1,000 downloads per month equals $30 charge)


Higher Monthly Fee

Keep it Simple

Consulting: x2 per month

Production: Flat rate that is agreed upon during Launch

Variable Charge: None

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