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Micro Content: Learn Japanese w/ Manga Sensei

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Our first podcast that we ever took on, Manga Sensei is a fantastic example of how podcasting it truly a long term strategy. Grown naturally over time, without the aid of any paid advertising, we haver watched this epic and interesting show grow over the past year and a half.

Client Goals

As our first podcast that we worked with, we got our toes wet jumping into the podcasting world and learned a ton with Manga Sensei and their team. Focusing on a very media centric and highly internet-fluent audience was right up our alley, and we were more than happy to ratchet up the growth of this awesome podcast. There goals were fairly simplistic and were highly oriented around growth, they were as follows:

  • Create a highly digestible podcast that could me maintained with minimal effort
  • Become the authority in audio on Japanese learning to promote website sales.

Our Approach

Leverage relationships in the same space that haven’t migrated onto the podcast platform and trade for shout-out in the same space. Particularly in comic and linguistic arenas. Moreover, we needed to improve the ranking on certain keywords. In order to do so we focused on making their podcast a daily experience and emphasized a micro-content platform. We also doubled-down on words that matched a high download rate and also implemented a scheduled keyword strategy over a long-term period.

  • Connected & interviewed to the 34th biggest blog on the internet.
  • Leveraged and created lasting relationships with almost 100 Japanese/Linguist influencers.
  • Ranked in the top for the 5 most downloaded related keywords.
  • Featured on news outlets such as Tofugu news,, Bondlingo, Kotobites, Koipun, Real Japanese, Nihongo_Japanese, and the Heritage network.

Current Standings

After coming up with a strategy and implementing the new schedule and keywords, as well as leveraging all the influencers and creating relationships that extended beyond just podcasting.

All in all:

  • Went from 50 daily downloads to more than 20,000
  • Ranked under Japanese podcasts, #1 on Spotify and #3 on iTunes
  • Featured on major blogs in the industry such as, and Iwillteachyoualanguage (the #1 Language podcast)
  • Top 25 language podcasts on the web
  • Top 150 Educational podcasts on iTunes Increased daily website traffic from under 10 to more than.
  • Naturally back-linked to more universities all over the world including Mexico, USA, Canada, Australia, and Japan

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