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Family Friendly Comedy Podcast:


From the home of family friendly comedy in Provo Utah, comes the hilarious and always entertaining ImprovBroadway. After we finished wiping the tears from our eyes and stopped rolling on the ground laughing we were more than happy to help them launch an Epic podcast.

Client Goals

Because our client had failed as creating a podcast in the past, they were quite apprehensive to try and leverage the platform again. Ready for the challenge, the LaunchPod team was more than prepared to wow our client, who had the following goals:

  • Test and see if their podcast idea had the best chance at getting sponsored.
  • Increase brand awareness for their future TV show and comedy show by reaching as many potential users as possible.
  • Hit the ‘New and Noteworthy’ list on iTunes.

Our Approach

We knew that competing with big names in the highly-saturated category of Comedy would be very difficult, so we decided to do a three-pronged attack. Targeting the New and Noteworthy on not only Comedy (the most competitive genre) but also Family & Kids, and TV & Film. After setting goals and strategizing, we implemented a marketing research strategy, as well as two potential Podcast show ideas to run AB test around. From this testing we discovered the following:

  • What kind of show was most interesting to this target audience, when they listened, how often they expected content, as well as what category of content length to create.
  • What design and color scheme was the most eye-catching.
  • What keywords we could dominate during a successful launch.
  • Which show type, and title would best be found by potential listeners.

The Launch

After coming up with a clear Launch plan we recorded a number of episode and prepared to distribute them to iTunes. After waiting for approval from.

All in all:

  • 'New and Noteworthy' in both TV & Film and Family & Kids categories for 4 days.
  • Over 400 unique downloads during the initial launch, over the average 41.
  • Over 117 unique 5 star reviews
  • Ranked #171 in Comedy overall during the first day of Podcasting.

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