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Harmon Brothers

Client Goals

Like many of our clients, Harmon brothers had tried to make a podcast but didn't really have much success with it. After being referred by ImprovBroadway, we sat down with the awesome team at Harmon Brothers. After talking about their branding and purpose of their podcast we went over a number of things to adjust their current strategy and make sure it was more native and help them establish authority in their chosen field. On top of authority the Harmon Bros. also wanted to maximize retention and conversion of listeners of the podcast to paid courses on their website, there was also one major limitation we had to deal with: they wanted to expedite our process by 50%, making this a very hard-core sprint.

With that in mind we established a number of goals:

  • Get on the New and Noteworthy
  • Create SEO oriented articles alongside the podcast to grow its audience overtime.
  • Setup the website landing pages for maximize retention and conversion
  • Establish authority of the hosts and their company

Our Approach

After Comedy, one of the most saturated categories of podcasting is Business, subcategory Management & Marketing. This is because marketers ruin everything and tend to make a lot of crap that can bog down other more interesting and useful podcasts. We knew they were masters of creating hilarious Superbowl ads and other viral videos, and that their guests were top tier, we just had to relay that to the listeners. Which is why we tried to focus on a foundation-centric strategy. Key parts of this strategy were:

  • A two pronged episode titles
  • Leveraging their email list and social media prowess
  • Matching blog posts and iTunes-centered launch
  • Applying to be on iTunes featured lists (Yes you can do that now with the new iOS 12 'Browse' updates)
  • Adjusting their podcast schedule, time, and content type

The Launch

From the time we started this Podcast Agency we have had a number of successful shows, but Harmon Brothers had a couple of new records for us. Before we jump into those, however, we did have one scary snaffoo. There was some mis-communication happened (our fault) that gave us all a scare if the podcast was going to be launched on the right day. This is because after you submit a podcast to Apple Podcasts it is up to the people at Apple to approve the podcast in their time. This can take an hour and up to 2 weeks to be approved. Now just image if you have made a whole social media plan based around it coming out on a Tuesday. Luckily, (Praise Jesus!) it came out Tuesday late afternoon, and we had a wildly successful launch.

  • New and Noteworthy: Management & Marketing, Society and Culture, TV & Film, and Business (overall)
  • Top 50 Business Podcast
  • Top 100 Business Podcasts
  • 123 5 star rating and reviews during launch week
  • 671 First day iTunes downloads (average is >41)
  • 1538 Downloads by end of peak



My number one podcast is whatever the Harmon Bros are doing. It’s amazing to listen to a podcast that’s helping shape the digital space as well as address the tropes of traditional advertising. With their proven track record of HIT AFTER HIT AFTER HIT, the Harmon Bros are always incredibly informative, but also hilarious. I strongly suggest this podcast if you want to either grow your business or help expand your creativity. If you’re in marketing and not listening to “From Poop to Gold” are you really in marketing?

I was initially leery about your podcast show name... but your interviews won me over. Thanks for making this show and I hope you keep bringing on great business leaders and marketers for us to learn from.

Made me cry. Wasn’t expecting to like the podcast but I learned something in every episode and one of them connected so much with my situation that it made me tear up, so, they did a good job

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