Have a Podcast Idea? Thinking about transferring your brand into a podcast? Need some help? Let our Podcasting Experts give you a hand.

Launch with LaunchPod

Let us help your create authority for your brand using the stickiest content on the internet before the market becomes oversaturated. We have a proven system for helping businesses create a solid listenership, as well as smooth interesting content that people will want to listen. 

The Sit-Down

Chat with an actual person and Podcaster. Ask all the questions that you would like, and set goals for your podcast growth. Then instruct us on your brand identity, image and current content strategy so we can start translating your brand into a podcast.


After we figure out exactly what your brand identity is, we will do some market and detailed competitor research to make sure we know what is out there. After which we will do some podcast testing to see if there is a sufficient audience for your needs. 


After our research we will report and break down everything we learned and propose a couple of shows that would potentially give your brand a strategic advantage. 


After deciding on a podcast, it’s time to start recording! Get behind the microphone and we will edit, help outline your episode, add music, write the show-notes, blog post, social media ‘Sharables,’ and make your podcast shine. 


Once you have an awesome podcast, let us distribute and get our podcast out into the world. We will get your everywhere people listen to them, in the right format, and shared natively on the correct platforms for maximum growth.


Move Into Orbit!

Once your podcast is up and going, we will monitor it and help it become the greatest podcast possible. Leverage your growing audience and make it into something by starting Orbit;

Have any Questions? 

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