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This page is for potential and current clients who have basic questions about our Launch process or who want to review the info about the current stage of their podcast’s development. Below is our outline of the Launch process, which includes brief explanations of the basic steps in each stage. We try to make them as simple and easy to understand as possible, while being as transparent as we can. While this page may not include everything involved in each step, it should give you a good idea what we are doing behind the scenes. If you have any other questions please feel free to give us a call or shoot us an e-mail.



1. Initial meeting: In our first sit-down meeting, we want to impress upon you the necessity of a long-term strategy for podcasting. However, it is also very important to understand that the most impactful period of time in a podcast’s life is the first 3 days after the official podcast launch. Those first 3 days typically determines whether a podcast’s will have a chance to appear on the ‘New and Noteworthy’ section of iTunes; where the majority of listeners find their new podcasts. During this meeting, we will begin making plans to ensure the success of your podcast launch. We will also discuss your goals and ideas for podcasting to ensure we set you course to get what you want out of the podcast.

2. Brand & Customer Profile: During this meeting or immediately after, we will create a customer/brand profile. The brand profile is about you and your business, it’s about the little things that make your business unique and attractive to your customers. We want your podcast to parallel your brand, and if you don’t have one yet, we want to help you build one that you can call your own. We gather your value offering, style guide, current content (if you have any), beliefs, marketing, and keywords that you might rank for your category. The customer profile is based on the early adopters, your biggest fans, and those who buys from you consistently. We want to know as much about these people as we can.

3. Listener: Once we have a good idea of where you stand, we will check out the current podcasting market and investigate into who is podcasting in your niche, figure out what their shows are about, and examine what they’re doing and exactly how well they are doing it.

4. Marketing Research: We will check out the market to see if there is an unfilled or under-developed place in the niche that we could fill with your podcast. Basically, we are getting a precursory lay of the land. We want to know how big the market is, how saturated it is, and what methods you can use to succeed in the niche.

5. Proposal: Once we do our preliminary research, we will report back to you with SEO advice, market research, and an analysis of our findings. After assessing what we’ve gathered from this information, we will propose a few different concepts for the podcast that we will test against the market in the following stage. This information will be presented to you as a PDF as we move into the next step.



1. Concept Testing: During this period, we will runs ads, perform AB testing, and use various testing methods in order to determine how your target audience reacts to various podcast formats. This includes important variables such as the length, frequency, and core premise of the podcast. This also helps us identify the keywords that we will focus on when we aim to get the podcast ranked in specific categories.

2. Show Testing: After we have a working concept, we will create mock episodes of the podcast and do more testing to discover what version of the show works best in that niche. IE interview format, informational format, category, tags, etc.

3. Best Practices: Once we have a good idea of what show works best for your business and audience, we will contact top performers/podcasters in the field to find out best practices for your specific market and to make sure we engage with the community and see if they will give a shout-out or provide other support. This can have a major impact on a new podcast’s success as most podcast niches are still in their early stages, positioning the majority of podcasts in a situation that thrives on symbiotic support. We want to engage this community as soon as possible to find opportunities to forge mutually beneficial relationships in the market.

4. Monetization Strategy: Some shows will want sponsors right away, which is something we completely understand. We will work with our advertising partners and reach out through our business network to put you in touch with targeted sponsors and advertisers who might provide revenue for the podcast from day one. While sponsors and advertisers may want audience data before entering a partnership in some cases, we will help you develop a monetization plan that works with your business model and goals for the podcast.

5. Image creation: We work with graphic designers to assess your podcast’s niche in order to create a professionally designed podcast image that will make your podcast stand-out against others trying to rank for the same position. We will also make sure it is easily shareable and native to the platform while also representing your particular brand.

6. Setup: In the final step of the second stage, we will present our content plan along with your new podcast image, keywords and name options. In this meeting we will decide on the final form of the podcast – which will bring us into the final stage of the Launch – the podcast creation stage. Whether you are in need of your own mic setup or a simple Zencastr installation, we are more than happy to help you become comfortable behind the mic. If you would rather not be behind the mic, we can also help find a potential podcast host who already has a record of success in the industry. (This is an extra cost charged at the end of the service if required).



1. Record Launch Episodes: We will work with you as you begin creating your podcast. In order to launch your podcast on just about any platform, including iTunes and Spotify, you’ll need to submit at least 3 episodes of the show. One of these episodes can be a short 2 minute intro of your podcast, but the others should be complete, full-length, episodes to give your audience their first impression of the show.

2. Record Media Bank Episodes: Whether your podcast is posted daily, weekly, or bi-weekly making sure your podcast is consistently posted at the promised time is of utmost importance. Inconsistent podcast posting can undermine an audience’s interest and can cause major setbacks to growth. To ensure that you have backup podcasts when you need them, we will record ‘behind the scenes’ or ‘extra’ episodes to help fill in those blanks when you can’t get an interview scheduled or you need time off from recording the podcast.

3. Create a ‘Launch-List’: A Launch-List is a list of email and social media contacts that would be willing to post reviews and share your content within the first three days of launch. The first 3 days of a podcast’s life are the most important days of its existence because it is one of the few chances it has to be posted on the ‘New and Noteworthy’ list – were many users find new podcasts to listen to. This list will consist of about 100+ people that love you or your content and will give you 5 star ratings and a shining review.

4. Editing: Our audio-technicians will take the recording of your podcast and transform it into an artfully edited and professionally mixed product. The quality of your podcast reflects the quality of your business, so we ensure that your podcast sounds balanced, clear, and is free of unprofessional interruptions. Additionally, we make you a custom intro song, clean up any fumbles or mistakes that you want omitted, write show notes, and help with any additional request that will make your podcast stand out. Audio quality is the #1 reason people stop listening to podcasts, so we make it sound amazing.

5. Distribution Setup: With new platforms popping up all the time – not to mention podcast charts, rankers, analytic feeds, and discovery sites – podcasters often spend hours each week managing the distribution of a podcast and tracking its key indicators. We manage the distribution and track relevant data across all major podcasting platforms and many of the of the smaller ones, saving you time and providing you with only the necessary information regarding your podcast.

6. Submit: iTunes, as well as other platforms, reserve the right to reject your podcast. These platforms vary in the amount of time it takes to post a podcast for the first time, and depending on how many new podcasts are being submitted, can take more than just a few days to post your show. While this is often out of our control once submitted, we will do everything we can on our end to make sure it gets uploaded as quickly as possible. However, once submitted, it is completely out of our hands – meaning that we cannot call it back and have no control over how long it takes for it to be approved. We have seen it take anywhere between an hour to 2 weeks

7. Media Outreach: Once the podcast is submitted, we will follow up with influencers, network partners, other podcasters, and other outreach options that fit with your podcast’s particular brand to announce the podcast launch to your target audience.. We will also deliver ‘shareables’ for you to share on your social media accounts and start contacting the people on your Launch-List to have them give you reviews and 5 star ratings.

8. Post Launch: While the second half of the Launch payment is due upon submission to iTunes, we will still make sure your podcast makes it through all the necessary outreach steps post-launch, and that we present to you the results after everything is done. We will also tell you any important insights that we have gathered from the initial launch and get you set up for your podcast Orbit. We also create a case study for our own use to help us continue to improve our methods.

01. PREP

Initial Meeting

Brand & Customer Profile

Competitor Research

Market Research

Podcast Proposal


Concept Testing

Show Testing

Best Practices

Sponsor Outreach

Image Creation

Podcast Launch Plan


Record Podcast

Record Media Bank

Editing – Custom Music

Distribution Setup

Launch List

Shareables – Media Outreach

Submit to Platforms

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