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Brand Authority, Growth, and Discoverability Through Podcasts

Build Your Brand, Establish Your Authority

You know what your brand looks like, but what does your brand sound like? Create powerful relationships based on authority with the power of podcasting. We are experts in the optimization of podcasting, the SEO of podcasting if you will, that helps your podcast rank and get discovered more natively and naturally.

Create Killer Content

We help you dive deep and create a podcasting content strategy that natively attracts new clients and brand awareness through the powerful medium of podcasting.

Data Driven Approach

Adding content using our platform is the best way of getting your podcast discovered. We work on the technical back end, and get your podcast to rank in the keyword that best suits your brand.

Masterfully Produced

We have more than 10 years combined experience in content editing and creation. Let our experts fill that gap and create content that sound amazing as you are.

Latest Web Technologies

Get the best analytics out there. Our omni-distribution helps you grow your show in a way that others cannot. See powerful statistics and deep insights with our monthly reports and work with a human to understand them.



Grow your business and your podcast audience with our proven system and seasoned team. Expand your reach through native social media and internet native content distribution, outreach, and amazing analytics.


Get in front of your die-hard fans with the stickiest content on the internet; podcasts. We help you get in front of your podcast audience through our proven system and SEO principles.


We help you develop content in a way that establishes your authority with the exact demographic you are targeting, allowing you to start building a relationship with your audience.


About Us

LaunchPod Media is the premier podcast production house and agency. Basically, a podcast record label & SEO agency rolled into one. We specialize on maximizing brand authority through the stickiest content on the internet; Podcasts. We do this through various services and in depth knowledge of how to make your podcast rank and make it more discoverable through our proven proprietary process.

Some Numbers

  • 89% Open Rates
  • 97% Listen Rates
  • 80% Podcast featured on iTunes and Spotify
  • 49% of podcasts are done at home,
  • 22% of podcasts are done in the car
  • 80% of people listening to a full episode with an average of 7 shows per week
  • 50% of American homes consider themselves Podcast fans 
  • 32% of Podcasters make over 75k+ a year
  • 45% of listeners have a college degree
  • 56% of those have an advanced degree.
  • Podcast listeners are more likely to follow company's brands on social media
  • 68% of podcast listeners purchase something from a podcast they listen to every 3 months 
  • 38% of small business owners listen to a podcast every week. 
  • Podcasting has increased more than 150% in the past 4 years. 

Connect With Us



(801) 471-8759
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