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Gutsy Holistic Health:

Provo Health

Client Goals

Tristin and Juanique are fantastic business owners of Provo Health, a local health clinic that really dials in on a holistic approach to one's wellbeing. They focus in on getting their stories out, and sharing information on alternative health and medicine. With that in mind we wanted to make a podcast for them that would raise their image as a legitimate source for health and nutrition knowledge, we also wanted to create something that would eventually be an alternative stream of income for their company. That being said, we always aim for top lists and targeted content.

The biggest issue we faced, however, was the Apple Podcast category change and the adjustments for the New and Noteworthy section becoming a more curated show, less focused on the numbers and more on the content that Apple likes. Which is why we had to be very careful how we featured this show, and made sure it was very attractive to Apple, which still staying loyal to the content our clients wanted to create.

Our Approach

Through our market research, we found that, while there are quite a few. podcasts that focus on health, alternative health, and nutrition, the data we found suggested that the podcast market isn't oversaturated with this kind of content. There were a handful of new shows that have made their way to the top 100 of the chart, indicating that there aren't many 'giants' per-se that are standing in the way of being discovered. We found that there is a lot of space to grow a podcast organically, without having to focus on extremely niche subjects.

Looking at specific statistics, the health and science categories have about 57 million avid listeners in the U.S. alone according to Edison Research. We also found that one of the largest pitfalls of science related podcasts is when hosts state their opinion as fact without backing it up with sources. Because of this, we advised Tristin and Juanique to cite and backup their claims in each podcast by listen the articles and sources they came from. We further advised them to integrate an interview style episode at least once a month if possible.

Since we can use these interviews to break into new groups interested in their subject matter, we planned on having their content as the main focus with intermittent interview to grow the audience.Through our keyword research, we found that specific diseases have a very high organic search volume. Cancer, liver disease, kidney disease, and heart disease have a very high search rate - the search volume falling between 74,000 and 201,000. So, we decided that when these diseases are discussed in the podcast we would make sure to include the keywords in the title as much as possible. We also found that variations on the word 'health' were very highly searched, so we made sure to incorporate this in the title of the podcast to allow for higher keyword ranking.

  • We learned that the Health and Nutrition audiences were very opinionated. They liked what they liked, but if they disagreed with you, they would really let you know.
  • The audience was very hungry, for knowledge, and information. They wanted a deep dive into the content, and were willing to sit through however long of content we would produce.
  • This audience in particular wanted research. We knew we had to make a show that informed the listener, but also had detailed shownotes with links to studies and hardcore, good information.
  • We also learned the male/female split, the areas in which they lived and found a nice niche way to contact these people. Interesting note, they were alot younger than we expected.

The Launch

This launch was quite interesting. We always tell our clients that we try to time the submission to Apple Podcasts in a way that allows it to be published early on in the week, but ultimately, it's out of our hands. Apple Podcasts can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to publish, and we can never predict when a podcast will get published with absolute certainty. This time around, we submitted the podcast and it took a full week to publish, landing on a weekend, which typically has a much lower podcast listen rate than weekdays. Apple had also just updated the algorithms a few days before, making it more difficult to land on the 'New and Noteworthy' list. Because of this, we had to really push to get the podcast off the ground, working the entire weekend to make sure we reached our goals.

The results: 

  • New and Noteworthy: Science and Natural Science  
  • New and Noteworthy for a full 8 days 
  • 545 total downloads within the first week 
  • 74 5-star rating and reviews during launch week
  • Peak at #37 on the Science charts
  • #21 on Natural Science charts hitting each 4 days apart during the first week of the launch.

We were delighted when all of our work over the weekend payed off and we got the Gutsy Health podcast on 'New and Noteworthy'. We managed to get it to reach pretty high on the Science and Natural Science categories of the charts, which really affects the discoverability of a podcast. Overall, even with the setbacks of being published on a weekend and dealing with new Apple Podcast algorithms, we had great success with the initial launch of this podcast.



“This podcast incredible. It breaks down some really weighted information and makes it easy to understand. One thing you will learn is that you have the power to take back your life!! You’ve got the power! Doesn’t that knowledge feel good already?! I truly enjoyed the second episode and I cannot wait to listen to the rest.”

“So many podcasts are boring and meandering but these two stay on task which is super important to me. I’m a busy mother of three who doesn’t have time to waste listening to chit chat. They get to the point and go deeper than your typical nutrition podcast but also add in enough humor to make it fun... they aren’t afraid to check each other or themselves. Some health gurus act like they know it all but often one of them will say... Thank you for being down to earth and willing to say there is yet more to learn.”

“Love the way these two explain health, they break it down in English and help it all click in your head! And honestly once you understand the reasons why you’re WAY more motivated to make healthy changes! Love their instagram page and excited for this new podcast!"

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