What Does Your Brand Sound Like?

Growing a podcast is a unique set of skills, a collection of skills we have developed over a very long time, a set of skill that make us a dream come true to people like you.

US Podcast Listeners

Or 144 Million Nationwide

Podcasting is On the Rise

Podcasting is the stickiest and one of the fasting growing platforms on the internet. Getting your voice in front of the innovators and early adopters makes podcasting perhaps the most important social platform for your brand's voice.

Not to mention that 50% of Americans consider themselves to be podcast fans.

Average Time Engagement 2019


The Podcast Content Stack

We take one piece of content, and 'DJ' out the content into a number of different platforms. We do this in three easy steps.


Origin Content
  • Your Stellar, Keyword -centric, targeted, content rich podcast episode. Edited to perfection, and distributed to 50+ podcast apps and platforms.


Sharable Content
  • Twitter Quote
  • Audiogram
  • Submission to Featured Lists (w/ Unique Artwork)
  • Facebook Quote
  • Instagram Feed Post
  • Story (Insta/Facebook)
  • Outreach begins
  • Targeted Ads


SEO Content
  • Blog Post
  • Show Notes
  • Transcript
  • Guest Post w/ Sharables for guests(if applicable)
  • Infographic
  • Embedded Player
  • YouTube Video
  • Optimization Cycle Begins


Content Article

Useful information about the article that makes you want to click

Native and Natural

We see podcasts at the core, as a way to contribute to the conversation. Which means the words you say and the topic you talk about revolve around a unique audience in the way that speaks to them the most effectively. Which means that every show is different, while some show's audience may live on Facebook groups or Instagram, others may live on Reddit or even Tumblr. We do insane amount of testing to know where your audience lives and do our best to engage them in the most native and natural way possible.

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