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Client Goals

Scott Needham, the CTO of BuyBoxer and Valence Services, helps lead a company that has "over 400 partners, 5 million products sold annually, and at any given time up to 100k different products in Amazon's FBA program". He one of his major focuses is on building automation and operation systems around selling on Amazon. After working in the industry for 8 years, Scott wanted to share his experiences and establish his authority as a thought leader through podcasting, and hopefully use it as a source for new clients. After discussing Scott's goals for the podcast, we assessed the ways in which we could leverage his current network to develop a strong audience base. Since the his content is geared to a very specific niche audience, we knew that this podcast could take some time to properly grow the audience, but we also knew that our strategies would get him off to a strong start toward reaching his goals. With that in mind we established a number of goals:

  • Get on the New and Noteworthy specifically for the Technology and Tech News categories. 
  • Market directly to the groups most interested in his niche content. 
  • Create a brand for that podcast that fits in with the BuyBoxer brand, but that also sticks out from other Amazon FBA podcasts. 
  • Establish a strong audience base to leverage and grow long-term. 
  • Use social media, such as Reddit and Instagram, to facilitate interest in the podcast.

Our Approach

Even before conducting our initial market research, we knew that Scott's content matter would be geared to a very niche group. While the target audience is typically lower than other, wider-reaching, categories, we narrowed in on ways in which we could engage with this specific group. We worked with Scott to engage with his network and with social media groups to generate interest in the podcast. One of these initiatives included an AMA on Reddit (an Ask Me Anything), in which Scott allowed a group of individuals on the subreddit r/FulfillmentByAmazon to ask him any questions they had about Amazon Fulfillment. He also asked for feedback on the podcast, which led a new group of interested individuals to his podcast. By leveraging the social media audience into a new listener base, we were able to directly link relevant information to his target audience.From our research, we gathered: 

  • While the market was highly saturated with general and wide ranging information, Eddie's target audience desired information that delved deeply into one specific topic.
  • His audience was 57%-64% female and overwhelmingly millennial based.
  • His audience desired a daily, short-form, podcast over all other formatting possibilities.
  • His audience were interested in developing their strengths, which fit perfectly with his Gallup StrengthsFinder focused assessment skills.

The Launch

The results of the first week of the launch:

  • New and Noteworthy: Technology and Tech News
  • New and Noteworthy for a full week- 740 total downloads within the first week
  • 51 5-star rating and 34 reviews during launch week

Notable results 3 months after the initial launch:

In the space of only one month of running the podcast, Scott brought on 5 new clients that had specifically mentioned that they wanted to work with him after listening to the podcast, and an additional 7 new clients that came from listening to the podcast and related social media initiatives.

  • Over 1,600 unique listeners of the podcast within the first 60 days.
  • Interviews with other leading Amazon podcasters with mutually beneficial results that was facilitated through our Marketing & Outreach Specialist.

Post Launch Analysis: We were very happy with the success Scott has already seen in leveraging the podcast to bring on new clients. We always focus on making the podcast profitable to our clients, but we don't expect the success to be this immediate. Bringing on 12 new clients within the first month has shown that this podcast has been a great success, even with a smaller target audience than usual. We try not to promise clients success like this within the first few months of podcasting since it is a long-term strategy, but we are always glad to see when the podcast pays off immediately after launch.



“I’ve never been so excited to learn about the D-E's and F’s of anything. Most people focus on the A-B’s and C’s. I couldn’t be more happy with the content, character and word use of what’s in the podcast. If you’re lucky enough to meet the man behind the mic, you can count yourself among one of the luckiest 7 billion people on this earth. Scott’s not only knowledgeable and focused, but he has all the qualities of what makes up the essence of a man. He is true to character in this thriller. Genuine. Heartfelt. Raw. Listen all the way through for the surprise ending. You’ll be glad you did!”

“The Smartest Amazon Seller In the Room knows his stuff. It's hard to disregard someone who's managed over $300,000,000 top-line on eCommerce's most disruptive sales channel while remaining so down-to-Earth and relatable. It reminds us that not everybody has to be a Jeff Bezos to make it in our 21st century economy. Scott's wittiness keeps it entertaining, while his wisdom will keep you coming back for more.”

“Dope dope dope. But for reals, here’s someone that legitimately wants to help the amazon community. Fun, interesting a group that is actually selling on amazon. Too many shmoles out there pitching their lame sauce course...not this guy. Subscribed.”

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