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Q: Can you give me an exact time when my podcast will be posted on Apple Podcasts?

A: No, there isn’t an exact time we can give. It can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to get the podcast posted on Apple Podcasts. We realize that this can be stressful and annoying, but we can’t do anything about it. We will notify you as soon as we get the email from Apple saying it’s posted, but it is really out of our hands once we submit it from our end. This may come unexpectedly, but we have no control over it. 

Q: Where will my podcast be available?

A: During the first week or so after the launch, the podcast will only be available on Apple Podcasts and Apple related platforms. In some cases, platforms such as Google Podcasts, can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to get published. Other platforms, such as Spotify and iHeartRadio need at least 5 episodes to be published, so we submit them as soon as we have 5 episodes prepared. Furthermore, Apple is the most important for your rating and reviews, and is the most commonly used platform for podcasts, so we try to focus on this as much as possible. 

Q: How long will it take for my podcast to be on other platforms such as Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Google Podcasts?

A: Google Podcasts will be submitted alongside the submission to Apple, but it typically takes longer, anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. Spotify and iHeartRadio require more episodes (5) to be submitted where Apple and Google Podcasts only require 3, so we will submit them to be published as soon as the podcast has 5 episodes. 

Q: Does that mean only individuals with an Apple ID or an Apple account can give my podcast a rating and review?

A: Yes, only those with an Apple ID or Apple account can give your show a rating and review. 

Q: How do my friends and family create an Apple ID or Apple account?

A: Apple has a tech support site to walk you through it: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204316 

Q: Why aren’t my ratings and reviews showing up after I submit them?

A: It can take up to 24 hours for Apple to publish ratings and reviews, so if you don’t see them immediately, don’t worry about it. 

Q: What happens if someone just rates the show and doesn’t leave a review? 

A: Having both the rating and review is ideal, so try to have your listeners give both a rating and a review as much as possible. 

Q: How soon do people need to leave a rating and review to affect the Apple algorithm to provide a boost to the podcast?

A: As soon as your podcast is published and available, we aim to get as many ratings and reviews as possible within the first 3 days.

Q: Can android users submit a rating and review?

A: Yes, they can if they create an Apple ID/Apple account. However, if they don’t want to make an account they cannot leave a rating and review. 

Q: Can android users listen to my podcast?

A: Yes, they can listen to the podcast on Spreaker and Castbox as soon as it is up on Apple Podcasts. So, they do have a way to listen to the podcast. 

Q: What should I say to people to ask for their ratings and reviews?

A: Here is a basic template for you to send your friends, family, and followers. Feel free to change it however you like.

SEO for Podcasts

Podcast Formatting

Q: Why does LaunchPod Media show up as the author on my podcast? Can I have my name there?

A: We need to have LaunchPod Media in the author section to be able to submit it to be featured by Apple. Without our name there, we are not allowed to get it featured again after the initial launch. So no, we cannot put your name in the author section. We can put your name on the owner section and the copyright section, but not the author section. 

Q: Why aren’t there any episode numbers on my podcast? Can we add episode numbers?

A: Within the last year, Apple made an update that makes it so any podcasts with episode numbers on each episode are penalized. The algorithms will shoot down any episode with numbers in it to make it harder to search for and find. So, what this means is that any episodes with numbers have a large disadvantage in the long run. So as a policy, we never add episode numbers to individual episodes.

Q: There is a podcast with a similar name as my podcast, is that a problem?

A: Before the content creation phase of the launch process, we checked out podcasts with similar titles as the title we went with for your podcast. As long as the other podcast doesn’t fall into the same category as yours, doesn’t have the same subject material, isn’t the exact same title, and isn’t crazy popular, having a similar title won’t be a problem.  

Making it Sound Pretty


Q: While I was recording, there were noises that I don’t want in there. Can those be edited out?

A: If the noises were happening when you weren’t talking, we can edit them out if you mark the time in which they occurred and note it when you send it to us. However, if the noises occurred while you were talking, we cannot edit them out without editing out your voice. This is why we try to make sure that you have a space where you can record without outside noises coming in over the audio. If you need consultation on how to get the best audio from your mic and room, feel free to contact Dee Kei at deekei@launchpod.media. Many undesired noises can be filtered out by correctly formatting the mic and other equipment. 

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