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We are the worst at Hide & Seek. All we do is help brands make podcasts and content that makes them stick out-- In a good way. Get your Podcast in front of the right audience and build powerful authority in your sphere.


Believe There Is A Discoverability Problem

Getting your podcast in front of the right people is extremely difficult when you don't know what you're doing. Each major platform, from Apple Podcasts to Spotify, have their own way of sorting podcasts. Which is why our team of experts have spent so much time understanding exactly how to get your podcast in front of the right people.

Speaking Fluent Internet & Device Dialects

Each of the many growing platforms also control a unique part of the discovery process. That means understanding how people listen and find podcasts on each device type, and platform. So matter what method podcast listeners use to find new shows, we are on top of the pile.

Google, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify

While we don't claim to be the best at Social Media, radio, or your area of expertise, we do speak fluent PODCAST SEO. Which means if you are interested in having your business or brand appear at the top of Google, before the ads and everything, you need your podcast to be set up correctly. We are the industry leaders in podcast discovery, and optimization. This long term strategy is key for a 21st century approach to the interconnected online marketplace.

How People Find New Podcasts

Brizy support is always there for you!

Want to know all about the killer podcast market? We have made an easy to share, super stylish PDF that you can download below.

Searching the Internet73%
Social Media67%
Personal Referral66%
Audio Recommendation62%

Our Process & Services

Understand our methods of how we get you discovered by our audience

Podcast Testing and Targeting

At LaunchPod Media, we don't do the whole shotgun approach thing. We are digital snipers with great aim. We run a number of tests that help us not only understand exactly who your audience is, but what kind of content they are looking for, and where/how they communicate.

Podcast SEO

Whether it's blog posts, transcripts, tags, show-notes, titling, or features we are the kings of optimization. With the world of search moving from text to audio we are the front runners in terms of podcast search. Let us elevate your content.

Social Media

While we are the Podcast SEO experts, we don't ignore the importance of Social Media. Which is why we make native content based on every episode of your podcast. Not to mention we run some sick ads.


Last but not least is our AWESOME Outreach Team. Each Podcast we work with has a dedicated outreach specialist that works on getting you guests, features on other shows, unique advertising opportunities, and shares your content where your audience lives.


We are also really good at getting your podcast featured by Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Ask us how!


Phone: 09:00 - 16:00

Intercom: 24 / 24

Article: Discoverability at Outlier Podfest

Learn how we took our shows from 50 to 1 Million Listen in just over a year. Featured as a special presentation at Outlier Podcast Festival, slide-deck included.

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