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Brand Background

The most important aspect of a podcast, is that its voice matches the scope of its brand.

Gutsy Health is a brand run by Juanique and Tristin Roney, the owners of the Provo Health Clinic. They were advertising the brand through an Instagram channel of 3K followers and a minimal emailing list. Gutsy’s biggest concern was that the current channels they were using were not fully scalable. Gutsy Health wanted a content distribution medium that fit for longer-form content and would allow them to give their best information to customers without the need to repeat themselves periodically.

If the purpose of your podcast is to solely get downloads, you’ll lack listener loyalty. Targeting an intentional audience is essential.

The Challenge

In order to establish a brand it is important to broadcast on multiple channels.

Juanique felt like the brand was falsely positioning itself as ‘just another mom talking on Instagram’ and wanted to reposition themselves as an authority in the alternative health space. 

Gutsy had limited working knowledge of how to start a podcast. They attempted to record an episode with minimal tools, and no distribution method online. Because of the business’s attention needs, they were not able to take the time to upload the episode nor do the work required to promote it. With the Provo Health clinic being the primary source of their income they knew it would be important to diversify their income stream with the Gutsy Health brand selling its packages through an authoritative marketing frame.

Strong show intro | Strong brand intro

Teaming Up

It’s not just about getting listeners, it’s about getting the right listeners.

LaunchPod immediately began a survey of how to format a show around the ideal target audience that purchases from the Gutsy Health brand —Women from age 25-47, generally with prior health issues, and a portion of disposable income. With that data in mind, we worked through several online groups and paid ads to AB test what names, formats, titles, and content would receive the best response in the respective groups these demographics reside in online. 

With the data, formatted into an action plan of how they could best reach an audience, Gutsy Health began the initial media bank fill. They launched with 3 episodes and have maintained a media bank 4 weeks forward in content. It was important to get the existing audience aware of the brand ready to step in and provide ratings and reviews so the Gutsy Show could hit the New & Noteworthy charts within its first week. LaunchPod and Gutsy worked in tandem to source guests and promotions in order to accelerate growth. After facilitating all of this LaunchPod has been able to get gutsy on a trajectory of 100K downloads within their first 6 months.

“What a podcast is it takes you to the next level. It allows you to get into the listeners head, and mind, and subconscious thoughts; and then you become a trusted advisor without having to be there in the room with them.”

– Juanique Roney | Gutsy Health


The proof is always in the pudding.

Gutsy Heath reached the 20k benchmark by about month 3. By month 6 they are now over 90k downloads. This has helped increase business to Provo Health Clinic by 130%. Their Instagram following has grown to 24k followers —800% growth. Gutsy is now networking with larger Instagram personalities in the 100k+ follower space and continues to grow at an exponential rate. Gutsy Health’s mission was to grow its reach and help more people as their business is geared towards benefiting individuals’ personal health and lifestyle. By becoming an authority they have increased their business and reached a greater number of individuals. 

In the 2nd month of podcasting, they had a federally mandated hold on one of their product lines that supplied the majority of their income. Through the increased business to the brand’s books and other materials, they were able to replace the temporary loss of income. Gutsy Health is now a lifelong customer of LaunchPod Media and we look forward to guiding them in continuing their success.

LaunchPod media is the agency that ensures you get your brand’s voice into the right ears. In the case of Gutsy Health, 80% of all listeners fall into their target demographic. This is achieved through a vast knowledge of SEO specific to podcasting, and industry standards to stand above the growing podcast market. Click below to talk to an account executive about what LaunchPod Media can do for your business or brand.


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