How to Write Podcast Show Notes That Work 

...because in the world of podcast SEO as well as general podcast consumption, good podcast show notes can make all the difference.

Podcasting; A Modern Day Newsletter 

Old School VS NEW SKool In recent months I have been trying to create a way to translate the power of podcasts into the equivalent ‘old school’ marketing methods.  While there is no direct equivalent of the podcast 10+ years ago, there is an interesting relation to email marketing.  Back in the day, Email marketing … Continue reading N Blog (t)

5 Experimental Podcast Ideas 

There are heaps of podcasts out there, but there are still some major areas for experimentation and innovation. While some of these ideas are a little ways off, or require unique sets of skills to create it may be a good place for newcomers to make a name for themselves in Podcasting. The 'Choose Your … Continue reading N Blog (t)

How to Share Your Podcast on Social Media 

How can you leverage social media platforms to elevate your podcasting and help it grow?

How to Post More Podcast Content 

Post Your Podcast Daily.  After running over a dozen internationally top-ten ranked podcasts with millions of downloads, I have come to one major conclusion. More content that is going to float you, particularly in this digital environment.  Podcasting hasn’t yet grown to scale. Huge companies like Spotify and IHeartMedia have spent hundreds of millions of … Continue reading N Blog (t)

Discoverability At Outlier Podfest 

Discoverability; The Key to Podcast Success from John Dinkel Discoverability 101 With more than 60% of new podcasters claiming that there is a major discoverability issue in podcasting, it is important to know exactly what tool independent podcasters have to make sure people can find their show. Which is why over the last week at … Continue reading N Blog (t)

How to Submit Your Podcast to Apple Podcasts (Formerly Known as iTunes) 

This article is a step-by-step guide about how to submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts.

How to Submit Your Podcast to Google Podcasts and Google Play Music 

If your podcast is already discoverable on Google, it’s likely that Google Podcast already has your podcast listed. If your show is not listed, you should check to see if you’re following the Google guidelines.

Top Podcast Hosting Services 

This article is dedicated to helping you navigate through the often confusing journey of finding the best podcasting host for you.

How to Find Sponsors for Your Podcast 

While getting podcast sponsors aren't for everyone, we made a quick guide for people trying to bring in those killers sponsors and what to expects.

Top 10 Podcasts for Moms and Future Moms 

The list of top 10 podcasts for moms and future moms. Moms and professionals from different fields are hosting podcasts to educate, help, uplift, inspire, and heal moms all over the world.

How to Submit a Podcast to Spotify 

If your show is not already on Spotify, you’re missing out! The process of submitting your show to Spotify will take less than 5 minutes.

Best Podcasts for Dads 

Many fathers and communities surrounding fathers are passionate about families and parenting, these podcasts let you connect with people who really care about and are dedicated to fatherhood.!

Top 10 Free Podcast Apps for iOS 

There are many great podcast apps for iOS, but which is the best one for you? Many just stick to the pre-installed Apple Podcasts app, and it does the job, but there are other free options that have unique features and focus.

Top 10 Free Podcast Apps for Android 

There are many apps that let you search and listen to podcasts. iOS offers various options, some of which are pre-installed (like iTunes), but what about Android devices? They might be less known, but there are many great apps that can be your go-to all-in-one podcast station, and here is the list of our top 10 picks.

The Best Podcasting Microphone: All Your Questions Answered 

A complete breakdown of the very best microphones for your podcasting needs.

The Best Podcast Editing Software 

You need not be ashamed or upset if you have a good audio editing tool and some skills. Podcast editing is not hard to learn, and the good news is that there are some great free tools out there.

What is a podcast? How does it work? 

Podcasts originally started when some bloggers began to upload audio recordings to their blogs as an alternative to words and pictures. Today, podcasts are basically referring to an audio radio-like show with music and/or spoken words. Now, we can enjoy our favorite music, lectures, and talks on any portable device such as our phones and even watches.

Why Your Business Needs a Podcast 

How do business owners establish authority in their niche and gain customers in this overly competitive time? Podcasts are a new and trending way for businesses to go where potential customers are and win their hearts, as well as provide service to the community and establish their brand. Here are 8 ways podcasts can take your business to the next level.

Our Top 5 Entrepreneur Podcasts 

Listening to the stories of other successful entrepreneurs, who have gone through things you are going through right now, gives you light and directions, and daily motivation

The Cost of Starting a Podcast 

This is a comprehensive list of everything you need to start your podcast and their general price range.

Top 100 Podcast Interview Questions 

If you want to have a great interview session for your podcast, your role is quite simple. Ask great questions and get great answers. We have made a list of questions you can ask at your next interview.

Top Ten Ways To Gain More Podcast Reviews and Ratings 

Reviews and ratings are extremely important for the success of your podcast. They are not scary. Try some of these tips to expand your own media empire.

Top 10 Best Resources for Podcasters 

We put together a list of top 10 best resources for podcasters, to save you from the nightmare of doing it all yourself. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned podcasting master, take a look at this list and find what you need to reach greater heights.

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