Let Us Get You Podcast Ads.

Getting good podcasting ads is really difficult. Most of the time you have to have at least 50k downloads per episode before you can get access good ads. Not to mention landing those ads are a ton of hard work. Which is where we come in.

What is PDCSTR?

PDCSTR is a new podcasting network project made for the little guy, made for podcasters, by podcasters, we help you connect and grow your show. Up ’til now, we have worked exclusively with companies to leverage their brand and translate it into a high ranking podcast. However, we still remember when we were podcasting in our back room and wanted to help out the Hustlers like us.


Instead of waiting to grow your show big enough, what we do is create genre specific podcast networks. Each network made of many smaller podcasts with awesome loyal podcast listeners. We then leverage the podcast network in lieu of a single podcast show to get those big ads. Then, We train and help your podcast grow, just like we would any of our major business clients. Connect with other people in the same field, and get interviews and support building your audience. We will help you with reviews and anything else you need to make your show successful, because the bigger each individual show gets, the more money everyone makes.

One Famous Big Show

Don’t fight the major networks with thousands of dollars in backing.

Lots of Smaller Shows

Team up with a group of similar genre podcasts and hack the system.

So what is the catch? Good question. Think of us like a podcast talent agency. By connecting you with ads you would not normally get we are putting our name on the line with this new idea. In order to do this then we take a percentage of the total sales. So if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. That simple.

How Much Do You Get Paid?

Depends on how much you contribute to the network. If we have 50 podcasts each bringing in 1,000 downloads a month then everyone gets 1/50th. So it. all depends on the click rate and download rate that you have on your show. So the more you contribute the more you make.

How much will 1,000 Downloads get me? That’s a great question. Honestly, we don’t really know. Yet. We are just launching this, but we expect somewhere between $25-$50ish. But we need the network before we can try to leverage the ads.

How Do I Sign My Podcast Up?

Connect with us below and leave us a link to your podcast. Tell us about your audience and average download amount. The more information the better. Then, we will reach out to you, and see what we can work out.

If for some odd reason the form below is not working you can always email us at in case you have questions or concerns.

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