Our Podcast Guest Outreach Template 

Getting guests, or better guests is a constant challenge for guest booking agencies and solo podcasters the world over. While finding the guest is a challenge in of itself, it’s the actual outreach that is the most difficult part. Getting high-level people to open an email and want to sit down on your show can … Continue reading Our Podcast Guest Outreach Template

5 Podcast Ideas For the Innovator 

There are a number of different ways to give your company or social media a new edge. With the shift of TikTok to the reimagined Instagram Reels and the new aged demographics of Facebook, making sure to innovate by staying on the cutting edge is a race that never ends. Here are a couple of … Continue reading 5 Podcast Ideas For the Innovator

5 Ways to Improve Your Podcast Audio 

Want to level up your podcast audio? Me too. In fact it is something that we are always working to improve and upgrade at LaunchPod Media. But over the last 3 or so years working on thousands of podcasts we have found a number of things that make a big difference. Being able to relay … Continue reading 5 Ways to Improve Your Podcast Audio

Show Us The Numbers 

Podcasting is the quintessential black box. There are so many questions about podcasting and about each platform that podcasting nerds like myself make living off of running experiments and learning to optimize content for the platforms. However, there are a number of things I wish Apple and Spotify would just… do. Nothing is holding them … Continue reading Show Us The Numbers

4 Podcast Tools You Forgot Existed 

There are heaps of podcast tools out there, but there are some that just slip your mind and when you need them, ya just can’t think of their name. From microphones and editing software to apps and SEO, there is always a new tool coming out of the woodwork that makes up podcasting nerds pretty … Continue reading 4 Podcast Tools You Forgot Existed

3 Steps To Decrease Your Podcast Workload 

The Podcast Workload At the nexus how busy you are and how much content you are putting out is a difficult space where if anything happens your content will begin to take a dip. But with the adjustment to the platform that encourages more frequent content on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, you can’t really afford … Continue reading 3 Steps To Decrease Your Podcast Workload

Avoiding Corporate Podfade 

Podfade = Allowing your podcast to putter out and die. “I’m working 80hr work weeks, the world has gone insane, and I have a ton of things to do. I’m not going to have time to create a good episode this week.” The email was long, long enough for me to think ‘I don’t have … Continue reading Avoiding Corporate Podfade

Should You Even Podcast? 

we have turned down a number of clients after testing to discover that podcasting may not be the best avenue for them. But how are you supposed to know if podcasting is the ideal medium to reach your customers or/and increase your brand authority?

5 Unique Podcast Ideas 

Every couple of weeks I try to post new podcasts ideas that I am either working on as CEO or ideas that I just can’t get out of my head. I have had a couple that I have been thinking about a lot recently, particularly the Spotify lists and ASMR content. That kind of content … Continue reading 5 Unique Podcast Ideas

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Spotify’s Secret Weapon 

The trick is, for podcasters, this area has barely been touched. Spotify has been on this for a while though. They have actually put podcast playlists at the top of their category section.

Top 101 MORE Podcast Interview Questions 

Just over one year ago we wrote an article on the top questions in podcasting. But after one more year of podcasting and hearing some awesome questions we had to add some… less general podcast questions. We hope that these questions will continue to launch your podcast into a higher orbit. As per last year … Continue reading Top 101 MORE Podcast Interview Questions

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Questions You Should Ask Your Podcast Agency 

Reading lengthy contracts typically doesn’t fall into the top 10 most enjoyable hobbies for anyone looking to start a podcast. However, the fine print can make or break your podcast’s chance at success. A single sentence hidden within a 15-page contract can determine whether you actually own your podcast or not. Many podcasting companies are … Continue reading Questions You Should Ask Your Podcast Agency

Local Podcast SEO 101 

Think about being the only plumbing podcast in New York City, or the only floral shop podcast in LAs Vegas, or the only wedding planning podcast in Toronto.

Don’t Punt Your Podcast 

The question that rings the truest to me is after building formidable brands, spending thousands if not millions on PR, advertising, and, would you punt the image of your company to a 19-year-old kid with a 2.4 GPA in Engineering, and may or may not have eaten a tide pod?

How to Write Podcast Show Notes That Work 

…because in the world of podcast SEO as well as general podcast consumption, good podcast show notes can make all the difference.

Podcasting; A Modern Day Newsletter 

Old School VS NEW SKool In recent months I have been trying to create a way to translate the power of podcasts into the equivalent ‘old school’ marketing methods.  While there is no direct equivalent of the podcast 10+ years ago, there is an interesting relation to email marketing.  Back in the day, Email marketing … Continue reading Podcasting; A Modern Day Newsletter

5 Experimental Podcast Ideas 

There are heaps of podcasts out there, but there are still some major areas for experimentation and innovation. While some of these ideas are a little way off or require unique sets of skills to create it may be a good place for newcomers to make a name for themselves in Podcasting. Here are a … Continue reading 5 Experimental Podcast Ideas

How to Share Your Podcast on Social Media 

How can you leverage social media platforms to elevate your podcasting and help it grow?

How to Post More Podcast Content 

Post Your Podcast Daily.  After running over a dozen internationally top-ten ranked podcasts with millions of downloads, I have come to one major conclusion. More podcast content that is going to float you, particularly in this digital environment.  Podcasting hasn’t yet grown to scale. Huge companies like Spotify and IHeartMedia have spent hundreds of millions … Continue reading How to Post More Podcast Content

Podcast Discoverability At Outlier Podfest 

Discoverability; The Key to Podcast Success from John Dinkel Discoverability 101 With more than 60% of new podcasters claiming that there is a major podcast discoverability issue in podcasting, it is important to know exactly what tool independent podcasters have to make sure people can find their show. Which is why over the last week … Continue reading Podcast Discoverability At Outlier Podfest

How to Submit Your Podcast to Apple Podcasts (Formerly Known as iTunes) 

This article is a step-by-step guide about how to submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts.

How to Submit Your Podcast to Google Podcasts and Google Play Music 

If your podcast is already discoverable on Google, it’s likely that Google Podcast already has your podcast listed. If your show is not listed, you should check to see if you’re following the Google guidelines.

Top Podcast Hosting Services 

This article is dedicated to helping you navigate through the often confusing journey of finding the best podcasting host for you.

How to Find Sponsors for Your Podcast 

While getting podcast sponsors aren’t for everyone, we made a quick guide for people trying to bring in those killers sponsors and what to expects.

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