Have a Podcast? Not seeing the traction you were expecting? Need some help? Let our podcasting experts give you a hand.

The 8 Point Audit

The Sit-Down Meeting

Meet with an actual podcaster in-person who has experienced long-term growth in a variety of podcasting fields. Ask any question you have about podcasting and set some new goals for your podcast – whether it be in terms of growth, revenue, or listener experience. 

The Audit

After signing an NDA, allow us temporary access to your podcast account. During this time we’ll have our analyst go over your growth, metrics, audio, images, and show notes so we can understand exactly how your podcast is situated. Afterwards you will receive a grade and detailed assessment on all 8 points.

Quality Assurance

Get your strategy going. After we audit your podcast, we will provide analysis on your podcast’s strength’s and weaknesses, and will offer our advice on how to systematically improve the weaknesses. As we complete this process, we will review your goals and help create an individualized plan on how to reach them. 

Get a Quote

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