How to Share Your Podcast on Social Media

How can you leverage social media platforms to elevate your podcasting and help it grow?

More content less time, isn’t that the dream of every content creator? This is why we put together this comprehensive article on how to share your podcast on social media in a native and natural way. But more than that, a creative and effective way to leverage and grow your audience. We provide a ton of ideas and some killer examples and links for your reading pleasure.


Posting a general post to twitter that you are releasing content was never a strategy. One of the most ineffective posts are things like this:

Tweet about new podcast

Unless I am already a huge fan of this content there is no reason to ever click on this podcast link. In other words. I am not inclined to be told what to do on the anarchy that is the internet. On the flipside, there is always something to be said for intriguing content like the following tweet by Edison Research. Their tweet gives me useful information and that makes me want more info, hence I will give it a listen/read. This can also be screenshotted and copied on Instagram.  

Edison research podcast tweet

Quote – Twitter

Re-sharable content will always win. Why would I post something when I can simply reshare. Which is why quotes and content that has naturally come about from the conversation or information given during the podcast is always a great way to share. It is done even better when a quote from the podcast is share via an image. This can be the content you already tweeted or something completely unique. Just keep it snappy.

podcasting quote

Quote – Instagram

The same Quote you shared on Instagram, can also be shared on Instagram. In the world of Instagram, there are a number of things that you can do to share your content in a way that doesn’t annoy the people who see it. Which is the key? Like every major platform, Instagram has become inundated with a whole bunch of junk. Yet while most people hate this, in reality, the overwhelming amount of fluff on Instagram makes it an ideal backdrop for something actually good to shine. Using sites like are great resources to easily make quotes and simple good looking images. 

podcasting quote for instagram


One of our favorite resources for making content, Headliner is a platform to make short audiograms that can be shared on EVERY platform. From Youtube to Instagram and Facebook to Twitter, Headliners make audio more visually engaging. With fantastic visualization effects and various templates. A must-have for all podcasters.

Instagram Story

gutsy health instagram podcast story

Inverting the social options, using polls, questions, and other story functions on Instagram stories that can get you more content. Any way you can drive people to your podcast and have their questions answered are the best was to grow your audience. Which is why this is such a wonderful tool. A great example of this is @Gutsy_mom on Instagram. She is super dope.


At LaunchPod we are experts at Podcast SEO. We know how to get podcasts discovered and how to grow and audience in order to rank on the podcast charts. While most people dismiss transcripts as a useless search tool, we love them. Using sites like and even simple Google transcriptions services are fantastic tools to boost your SEO, if you would like more information on how we use this alongside Blog posts and other SEO tools, please contact us. 


While I may have a face for radio, others really tend to shine behind the camera. However, if you’re like me and don’t have the confidence to stand behind the lens, Simply adding the audio with a static image is better than nothing. Just think of it as another distribution platform.

Blog Post

Maybe one of the most powerful SEO advantages that podcasting can connect to, just writing a couple hundred-word blog posts can really give you an advantage in steady podcast growth. However, the real power in regards to social engagement is that of sharing your blog post after you have made it. Facebook, Twitter, heck even Tumbler wants more written word. Using canonical tags you can also repost the content on other people’s sites and even on Medium, which is a place that is extremely underserved. Also please check out our blog post on how to make more content for your podcast.


On top of blog posts and video, if you are really looking to leverage the power of your website or make something shareable on various platforms Infographics are a fantastic way to go. While not for everyone because they can cost a pretty penny, infographics are a fantastic way to go.

podcast data by country

Another option if you lean towards LinkedIn, slide decks, and other image-heavy bits of content are another great option. This is true particularly if you are creating informational content or are in the business space. While not as effective or succinct at infographics, this is still something that can help and make a large impact on your engagement and even potentially conversion, if that matters to you. We also took this another step further and made the major speech done at Outlier a resource to our audience into not just a slide deck but also a number of podcasts; inverting the concept.

Unique Photos + Pinterest/Insta

on the topic of image-oriented content, there is an option in your podcast to ad episode unique images. While this may seem like a waste of time, let me assure you it is not if compounded with blog posts and transcriptions if alt text is added. Moreover, if you take these unique images, and add them to Pinterest (See a fantastic example here and just link to your podcast) you can build out a steady engine or image search opportunities available to you. Moreover, considering the changes in the google search algorithm this year (2020) this can be quite useful to have multiple copies of it on social. As an ancillary benefit doing the episode-specific artwork also raises the perceived production quality of the show. A great podcast that does this is the Harmon Brother “From Poop to Gold” podcast.


While there are a number of ways to share your podcast on social media that are more traditional. But sometimes the content that is a little different is what sets you apart.


Collecting a number of blog posts, transcripts that have been reworded or completely new content is a great way to compile the needed information to publish an ebook. In fact, LaunchPod Media was founded after I used my own show to leverage my e-book comic book with the show I made in college. A fantastic option that I later made free for my audience. Not to mention a great value add. 


One of the most interesting and actually impactful things we have done at LaunchPod Media if making gifs for Instagram and Facebook. These gifs can be overplayed into a story or simply posted in a chat. In the short few months that we have made a number of gifs, we have seen more than 1 million impressions of them. This little edge of making easily re-sharable content is awesome for the growth of your podcast. Just make sure that the content is native. Unlike content that is traditionally shared on its own platform, gifs are shared across a number of platforms and are used to add to the content already present. So don’t make something so overpowered it cuts down on the impact it needs to have.

The Meme

If you can do this, do this. The thing is you have to be funny. Not just think you’re funny. Which my wife keeps telling me I’m not, but I’ll let your decide.

podcast oprah meme

Newsletter on Linkedin

I’ll be honest, email marketing is going down the drain. While many people may consider this to be wrong, I would love to compare my 89% podcast open rates and 97% read through rates on any podcast LaunchPod Media does to any email list in the world. Which is yet another reason why podcasts are so awesome. That being said, recently LinkedIn made a page that allows people to make a newsletter. Do this. Adjusting your blog post or even adding a clip in from your show via video or headliner, you can make something that will have a better chance of people actually reading it.

Things to Try

While we at LP have gone out of our way to really experiment with a variety of ways to leverage social media there are a couple of new/tricky players that still matter. While we don’t have a ton of experience in all these methods they should not be discounted.

Livestreaming: Youtube Live, Twitch, Facebook Live, IGTV/ID Live

Live streaming your podcast is a major method of growing your audience. While each method and platform has its benefits, it can be hard to keep up. One of the major benefits of podcasts is that you can listen to it at any time. However, you can generate a fantastic audience this way. Check out our homies at Hallo they did that exact thing on Facebook Live.


An off the wall and basically untouched method, Webtoon. When we first started a story podcast we used this method for a short period of time. While it can be a unique and potentially awesome forgotten platform. Just be warned, it either requires a unique set of skills or a considerable plan.


As soon as they ad podcast audio to TikTok, LaunchPod will be all over that. However, it should be noted that making TikTok videos for your podcasts may be the fastest growing platform if you can find a way to use it early. 


This may be our favorite platform. We love Reddit so much most people on our team are on it most of the day. This is because you can actually have a conversation about your podcast and basically advertise for free to a group of raving fans. The only thing about Reddit that is important to mention is that the groups/subreddits can be super touchy. DO NOT JUST POST ABOUT YOUR SHOW. Join the conversation, recommend when appropriate, and please please please read the rules. 

Make it easier on yourself

After seeing this whole list you may be thinking to yourself. Damn, there is no way I can do all of this micro-content. And you would be right. Here are some great tool and partners of LaunchPod that can actually make your life easier. 

Flitch Creative

Those crazy robot obsessed creatives from Southern Utah are amazing. They do some awesome audiograms, quotes, and anything/everything else you would need to produce micro-content. Or just content in general. These podcast nuts are our favorite social media and design types. While there are thousands of creative agencies, none work better with podcasters than Flitch.



Also known as If This Then That. This is an App’s App. Basically it connects apps together to make certain things happen via a trigger. Post to Instagram a blog post? Have that blog post instantly also be posted to Twitter, have a news story go up, or have instantly shared into a discord group etc. Fantastic for making resharing one clip easier. Really check this out. 


Schedule your content out. These apps all kinda do the same thing with slightly different variations. I personally use Buffer, my Wife uses Hootsuite at her company, and Our audio team thinks Later is better. It’s really up to you.

Last Thoughts

Social media is a fantastic way to provide amazing content and connection to your podcast audience. Which is what a podcast is actually for at the end of the day. Podcasts are all about contributing to the conversation and adding more value to people in your niche. Hopefully, this article will help you and your podcast expand your grasp and help your podcast grow.

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