How to Post More Podcast Content

Post Your Podcast Daily.  After running over a dozen internationally top-ten ranked podcasts with millions of downloads, I have come to one major conclusion. More podcast content that is going to float you, particularly in this digital environment.  Podcasting hasn’t yet grown to scale. Huge companies like Spotify and IHeartMedia have spent hundreds of millions … Continue reading How to Post More Podcast Content

Post Your Podcast Daily. 

After running over a dozen internationally top-ten ranked podcasts with millions of downloads, I have come to one major conclusion. More podcast content that is going to float you, particularly in this digital environment. 

Podcasting hasn’t yet grown to scale. Huge companies like Spotify and IHeartMedia have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to be able to release more content at scale and capture the growing audience of podcast listeners. Companies like The Ringer, Gimlet, Parcast, and Anchor are attempting to make enough content that you can listen to their content ad nauseam. Yet, the traditional podcasts run by individuals and small businesses are trying to keep up, but are only able to produce minimal content; even if it is high(ish) quality.

Looking back at the history of the internet, however, we can plainly see that the content creators that rose to the top were those who were able to create enough content to keep a growing audience regularly engaged. From the dawn of daily Mommy-bloggers to the Facebook/Instagram pages to Twitter ruling tastemakers, frequent content has been a large factor in growth.

Each of these types of creators were able to leverage their industry or taste specific knowledge into a high amount of content – even if the content was short or rough. Over the past year, I have taken a long look at how to make more content without having to record more episodes. If Gary Vee has taught people anything, is ‘quality of content is in the eye of the beholder.’

That being said, the traditional podcaster is in a unique position with the evolving world of podcasting. By understanding the history of social media and the evolution of the internet, podcasters can outmaneuver the big boys, By that means more content at scale – without the cluttered bureaucracy of these giant podcast agencies. 

But what type of content?

While it is impossible to say what kind of content, specifically, for every audience, the overall rule is simply to make more. Try a few things out and see what works. If you are doing a podcast with a weekly episode there are a number of ways to turn a single episode into a number of content types.

Here are eight options that you should consider for the platform. Again, these are assuming that your podcast is a weekly 45min show. 

Podcast teaser

Every time you record a podcast make a 5-10 teaser trailer highlighting a point in your podcast of interest. Within your RSS feed. Make sure to categorize the podcast file as a trailer, and release it 2-3 days before the actual podcast. Welcome to Nightvale does a sick job of this.

Welcome to NightVale Teaser Trailer

Podcast Re-Release

One thing we have discovered for those podcasters that already have a small media bank built up or at least some history is rereleasing content. Once the content has sat on the shelf for more than 6 months is shouldn’t hurt to rerelease that same episode again. If you want to spice it up you can add a new beginning chunk introducing why you are rereleasing that specific episode, but it isn’t necessary. The only thing that you should do is rename the audio file and make sure to change the title. In other words, you can churn episodes or old content on a 6-month rolling cycle. This allows at least an additional episode every week.


Adding more content doesn’t mean you have to always release the same format. As long as you are regularly producing content on iTunes and Spotify you should continue to rise through the ranks. For more information on how we rank, look for the write up on our website. That being said, adding an extra, rough tidbit has been something head podcasters have done for a long time. This means adding a small extra podcast episode detailing minor thoughts or something in line with your podcast’s brand. This can be as short as 2min long, but it adds to the stack.

Manga Sensei Podcast: EXTRA

Updated Commentary-Based Episode

No matter the topic of your podcast, you can always go over a topic again, or update it. There has been a lot of SEO research on high authoritative pages, which is why you will often find pages that just keep growing over time. The same could be said for a play-by-play update on a podcast episode. By adding content and background to a previously recorded episode that is strategically placed throughout the episode as commentary. Filling out those gaps that were covered last time, but with more information, data, or personality than the previous episode you did x amount of time ago. This type of content is great for show episodes of entertainment as well as informational, or even news-type content.

Guest feature

This is a particularly good option for guest-oriented podcasts. Tim Ferriss pioneered this type of content with the Tribe of Mentors Podcast where he doesn’t even have to speak on his own show. He simply has a previous guest answer questions that should/weren’t asked in the show. In other words, if you had an amazing guest and can gather questions after an episode with them, you can simply ask them to record a response or special episode of just the guest speaking. This type of episode can be added shortly after their original episode or after a period of time in conjunction with a rerelease. This can also be something where you send the same questions to all previous guests and set up a whole bunch of new content that can be released in conjunction with the other episode types listed above.

Collage Episode/‘The Best of …’

Think burned CDs from the early 2000s. This takes a little bit of editing and a lot of memory, but you can take bits and thoughts on the same vein and compile them into a special theme based episode, of course, this type of content doesn’t always work with every type of show. However, it can be a creative way to make more content without actually making more content. 

Commander Zone Podcast Video


This may be the most common type of extra episode. Every podcaster should have a way to provide their audience to communicate with them and get them involved with the show. Instagram, online forums, Facebook groups, email surveys, and speak pipe plugins are a great way to go about this. You can then make another episode on the pile content that you are making. 

Feature a friend Podcast 

While this may be strange, adding another podcast to your library isn’t a bad idea, especially if you can get the featured guest’s show to do the same; you add an episode of their podcast to your channel and vice versa. This strategy is finding a podcast in the same niche as your content and sharing an appropriate clip of the podcast on your channel. Many people do not like this, but the cross-pollination of sharing other people’s work is often a great way to add to your stack as well as contribute to the conversation. Which is what a podcast really is at the end of the day. Moreover, this gives your podcast to be an opportunity to be presented in front of another audience. 

EXTRA: Make content from your podcast into social media shareable. I wrote a whole blog post on this a couple of months ago where I elaborated on how to get a lot of native social media content. Things like HEADLINER audiograms, quote stories, blog posts, and transcripts. 

Again, while many of these options are not for every podcaster one or two might give the small time podcaster an edge to increase content creation without having to double or triple the time spent recording audio or making a whole new episode. Moreover it is a natural and in-depth way to provide additional value for your audience base and add more touch points that can prove better and more engagement on a platform that is still growing. 

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