Best Podcasts for Dads

Many fathers and communities surrounding fathers are passionate about families and parenting, these podcasts let you connect with people who really care about and are dedicated to fatherhood.!

Whether you consider yourself a super dad or a newbie in the daddy world, there is always room for improvement. Being a great dad takes more than just being there and being patient. You want to be wise, strong, happy, funny, energetic, respectable… in other words, to be the best version of yourself! Maybe there aren’t many fathers or communities for fathers around you who are passionate about families and parenting, but these podcasts let you connect with people who really care about and are dedicated to their fatherhood. Enjoy our top 5 favorite podcasts for Dads.

Life Of Dad

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Join one of the biggest communities of dads and participate in the epic discussion about the worst things you’ve said in front of your kids, parenting now vs then, kids and pets, etc. They take the listeners comment live, and you have the chance to make a contribution, as well as the opportunity to hear about other dads’ experiences. They also invite artists, actors, authors, athletes, and other successful people who value their role as a father for guests. Our personal favorite podcast for dads.

The Modern Dads Podcast

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There are tons of communities, events, shows and advice givers for moms, but dads need those too. Hosted by the City Dads group, which organizes fathering communities and events all over the U.S., this show delivers insights and inspiration from a number of parenting experts. Learn how to avoid parental burnout, how to make the most of paid family leave, survive the terrible twos, and many more from the mouths of professionals.

The Dad Edge Podcast

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The Dad Edge Podcast is a part of the Good Dad Project, whose aim is to help fathers become the best, strongest, and happiest version of themselves so that they can help their kids to be the best version of themselves. Learn about different aspects of fathering and your own wellbeing from this show, as well as from other resources they offer such as blogs and free downloadable books.

The Fatherly Podcast

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The Fatherly Podcast is the perfect weekly listen for imperfect parents. It features open wide-ranging conversations with famous and notable men about how they take care of themselves, their families, and their children. Their open, honest, and often funny conversations with guests will educate you and inspire you to be a happier, more informed and well-rounded father.  Not to mention one of the great podcasts for Dads and by dads.

The Dad Podcast

the comedian justin worsham's the dad podcast logo

If you want to be a better dad but loath to listen to anything that does not make you chuckle or laugh out loud, this is a show for you. Justin Worsham, a comedian and a dedicated father, invites different guests to talk about different issues surrounding family life and parenting in an open, deeply personal way. You need to pay a subscription fee for new content, but the first 347 episodes (episodes before August 2018) are available for free. This is one of the best podcasts for dads but may come at a cost.

We strongly recommend you listen to these podcasts while you commute or run on the treadmill. That would be a great investment for your current and future happiness! You can also explore podcast shows for children, and see how you can use them to entertain and educate your children while on a road trip.

Also, we didn’t forget mom! read more about our recommendations for momcasts!

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