The Cost of Starting a Podcast

This is a comprehensive list of everything you need to start your podcast and their general price range.

Are you scared of starting a podcast because you have to buy this, that, and everything else? What exactly is the cost of starting a podcast? I guarantee that starting a podcast is not as hard or as expensive as you think. Here is a comprehensive list of everything you need to start your podcast and their general price range. So what does a podcast cost?


One of the first things that goes into the cost of starting a podcast is the microphone. Avoid using built-in mics on your device, headphones or computer. You can get a decent starter podcast mic for $50-$100, or a pro quality mic for around $200. Dynamic microphones are the best for recording spoken words. (For more about mics and our recommendations, check out our blog post on The Best Podcast Mics.)

Other Audio Equipment

If you are using more than one mic, make sure you get a mixer. The price for mixers range from $100-$2,000, but you can get a starter one for $400-600. Depending on the mic you get, you might also want a pop filter to stop the plosive p’s and b’s sounds from being amplified. You can get those for less than $30, some of them being as cheap as $5. A stand or an arm is not a must, but not using those may make your arm tired and the mic might pick up the noise from your hand movements. your podcast cost will depend mostly on what you spend on equipment.


When it comes to headphones, any decent pair of closed-back headphones will do a job. Do not get open-back headphones since you will hear more background noise.

Audio Editing Software

You will need audio editing software to add music, cut out unwanted noise, cut and paste your clips, etc. There are some great, free options out there. GarageBand is a good one that comes pre-installed on Mac computers. Audacity is another free software that takes care of the most basic editing needs. There are other great paid software with higher functions such as Adobe Audition, Logic Pro X, and Pro Tools, but they might be too complicated for beginners.


This is where your podcast lives. Many popular hosting services (Spreaker, Buzzsprout, PodBean, Libsyn, Blubrry…) generally cost $5-$75 a month, depending on the plan, but plans that are less than $20 will get you to a good start. Many of them offer free plans as a trail up to a certain number of hours, and you might want to use that to see which service you like.


You want some nice cover art. Make sure it is high quality, and that it fits and looks great in every platform. Your cover art must be something that conveys what your show is about, and attracts the right audience. Avoid using a generic image and too many letters. Some software and websites let you create your own cover image for free. Alternatively, you can outsource it to someone else for a decent price, this is what we usually do. For examples of this check out our Case Studies page to see examples of this. Images should not cost you an arm and a leg, so be careful.


A good idea is the most important part; the heart and soul of your podcast. It is free (for the most part), but requires a good amount of consistent work. You want to come up with a good concept, format, and goals. Take some time to brainstorm, think about your potential listeners and what they would want, and do some field research. Check out podcasts in the same field, how often popular ones upload new episodes, and what they are talking about. Then, make something different. Don’t just follow the trend, but think about how you can make a unique contribution to the conversation and meet the needs of your audience. That’s how you stand out and shine.

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