Top Ten Ways To Gain More Podcast Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings are extremely important for the success of your podcast. They are not scary. Try some of these tips to expand your own media empire.

Your show is amazing, and you want everyone to know that. You can say flattering things about your show, but if the podcast reviews and ratings say otherwise, or if they are close to non-existent, how much credibility will you get? Reviews and ratings are extremely important for the success of your podcast. This is particularly true when it comes to new podcasts and maximizing discoverability on certain platforms. But it shouldn’t keep you up at night if you don’t know how to get good reviews. Try some of these tips to expand your own media empire.

#1 Social Media Giveaway

Who doesn’t like giveaways? You can provide something everyone would want and make it fun. I’ve seen free online-courses, discount deals, special merch, and even a car. Warning: Don’t make the steps too complicated. A simple hashtag or mention in your story should be more than enough. Simply explain how to participate, and show that the potential reward outweighs their sacrifice of time and mental energy.

#2 Newsletter

Sending out a regular and frequent newsletter is a great way to stay connected with your followers. Give them helpful information, exciting updates, giveaways, and just try to involve them in what’s going on with the podcast. This is just one of the ways you can feed your hungry audience, increase the satisfaction level, and then you can directly ask them for reviews and ratings.

#3 E-mail List

Even if you don’t send out a newsletter, you can make good use of an e-mail list. Something as simple as a newsletter or weekly greeting is great, so if you can collect names of people coming to your site, or compile a list of social media follower’s emails that can really help you maintain direct contact with your audience.

#4 Asking at the 3/4 Mark of the Show

Why ¾ of the show? That’s when listeners are fully engaged, and feeling, “I love this show!” If you ask at the beginning, people don’t clearly know what they want to say about the show. If it is at the very end, they may never get to it, or their hearts may be somewhere else, like at the sushi restaurant they are going to for dinner. Moreover, it is a lot easier to skip these parts, which is why asking for podcast reviews, the 3/4 is your best bet! Not to mention, people usually show the love when you bring them good content.

#5 Ask Family and Friends Directly

A Japanese saying goes, “The bottom of the lighthouse is dark,” which means we often cannot see what’s closest to us. Friends and family are our best allies. Ask them personally to give a good review and rating on your show, and follow up with them. When you a have good number of reviews from those close to you, it will make be easier for others to leave reviews, which creates a wonderful cycle of ratings and reviews.

#6 Give Small Goodies Away at Event for a 5 Star Rating and Review

Cookies, candies, pizza, whatever it takes. A little bit of investment of time and gratitude goes a long way, but so does a little cookie bribery. Also, when you are handing out food, or any other reward, advertise it to your entire fanbase and use the opportunity to the fullest.

#7 Any Speaking Gig

Speaking gigs give you a great opportunity to convey your passion and your message to the audience. Invest time and prepare your message, and speak with confidence. Make sure to tell them where they can find you, and you can ask for podcast reviews and ratings. Sound too desperate? Well, it never hurts to ask.

#8 Have a Standing Discount with Proof of Review

Asking for proof of review is not at all complicated, so don’t let it intimidate you. It can be as simple as confirming it in person at events or asking them to send you a screenshot of their review. Getting special discounts always feels good, and your earnest fans deserve it.

#9 Include an Ask in your Blog Posts and/or Shownotes

Sometimes all people need is something to remind them that you love them. The same applies to podcasting. If you include an ask for a review or rating in your shownotes, an associated blog post, or social media post, these little notes eventually add up, so make sure to always include them.

#10 Have Influencer Friends Give You a Shout-Out.

While there are more ways outside of these 10, we want to make sure that you are thanking people who take time out of their day to write you a review. A great way to do this is by sending them a thank you video, or even just personally reply to them via email or social and thank them. Good karma is a thing, so try to put more out into the world.

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