Top Comedy Podcast to Listen to in 2019

Laughter is the best medicine. Here is a list of comedy podcast that will make your day and make you smile, or make you roll on the floor laughing and dying from the lack of oxygen.

Need a Laugh?

Laughter is the best medicine. Here is a list of comedy podcasts that will either make your day or make you roll on the floor laughing and dying from the lack of oxygen.  

Comedy Bang Bang

comedy bang! bang! podcast logo

Comedy Bang Bang is one of today’s most popular comedy shows. There was a TV show series based on it from 2012-2016. Hosted by comedian Scott Aukerman, the show blends conversation and character work from the funniest comedians.

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

conan o'brien needs a friend podcast logo

Conan O’Brien, the king of the comedy world, realized one day that the only people at his parties were the people that worked with him. According to his own words, this is a podcast where he scams people into talking for an hour and then tries to turn that into a friendship.

My Brother, My Brother and Me

my brother, my brother, and me podcast logo

Three REAL brothers are hosting this show together. They purposefully give unpractical and unhelpful advice because that’s maybe something you need more than a good therapy session. A good dose of laughs guaranteed. (Warning: you might hear more swearing than you’d like as a side effect)

No Such Thing As A Fish

no such thing as a fish podcast logo

Each week Dan, James, Anna, and Andy discuss their favorite facts unearthed in the past seven days. You will learn the most trivial trivia and the funniest facts that you will want to share with your friends and families.

Never Not Funny

never not funny podcast logo

They set a really high bar for themselves. Is it really never not funny? You have to go and listen for yourself. It’s a high-energy conversation between comedian and TV personality Jimmy Pardo and his sometimes famous, always funny friends.

Standup For Improv

standup for improv podcast logo

Standup For Improv is a rising star in the comedy podcasts, and they are dedicated to creating the funniest family-friendly show for everyone. You will love this unique mashup of stand-up and improv.  

Bill’s Monday Morning Podcast

bill burr's monday morning podcast logo

In this show, Bill Burr rambles about various topics such as volcanoes, militant vegans, Dumbo, and wigs. If you love intelligent comedy, this show is for you.

How Did This Get Made

Let’s admit it, we all love watching movie bloopers and reading articles about epic movie production fails. Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas love bad movies with a passion, and their show’s all about bad movies. So if you like bad movies maybe you’ll like a good comedy podcast.

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