Top 10 Best Resources for Podcasters

We put together a list of top 10 best resources for podcasters, to save you from the nightmare of doing it all yourself. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned podcasting master, take a look at this list and find what you need to reach greater heights.

It’s a fact, building a great podcast takes a lot of time, effort, and resources. Because of this, as you endeavor to do rise to the top, it might leave you busy, exhausted, broke, and you may not even have the best results to show for it. But with the right kind of information and help, building your podcast might not be as hard as you think. So where can you find resources for podcasters? We put together a list of top 10 best resources list for podcasters to save you from the nightmare of doing it all yourself. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned podcasting master, take a look at this list and find what you need to reach even greater heights.

Podcast Websites

The first of many resources for podcasters is found through podcast websites. Podcast websites give you everything you need to launch and grow your podcast in no time. When you become a member, you get unlimited website pages, unlimited podcast hosting, SEO tools, 24/7 personal support and so much more. Their Podcast Success Academy has a free tier to help any independent podcaster to become an audio influencer in their niche.

Podcast Insights

Podcast Insights has a lot of free contents and will help you start, grow, and monetize your podcast. Listen to their podcast, Set Sail, about podcasting and marketing for a step-by-step guide of podcasting success. They also have lists of podcast-related deals from all over the web, comparisons of different equipment and software, and other helpful resources.


Add your podcast to Storiyoh to reach a greater audience. Find podcast collections of your field (e.g. 5 great podcasts about child development, 7 podcasts for podcasters, etc.) to see what your competitors are doing, or simply listen to great podcasts for inspiration.

Top Podcast

Listen to top-ranking podcasts from different fields, be inspired by the Podfluencer of the Week interview series, and read the most recent information about networks, events, analytics, and advertising. Your show can also be featured as a certified independent “toppodcast.”

Resonate Recordings

Resonate Recordings offers production services and launch packages for simple, transparent pricing. Branding experts will help you get the right music, design, professional quality audio, and make sure your podcast is properly distributed. They also provide consulting services.


Trebble is the unique all-in-one platform to create and distribute shortcast (snackable audio content) on Google Home & Amazon Alexa. You can record right from your phone or computer and publish your first piece of content in minutes. It also offers analysis of your audience. The free plan will let you have one station and up to 5,000 daily unique listeners.

TeePublic Podcasting Partner Program

Want to maximize your community engagement and turn downloads into dollars through creating legit merch for your podcast brand? TeePublic has a podcasting partner program and has everything set up and ready to go. It is a great way to expand your audience and reward your patrons.

The Talent Squad

Finding guests for your podcast can be tiring and gruesome. The Talent Squad will find guests for your podcast interviews, prepare the guests for the show, and prepare guest biographies, headshots, logos, sample questions, and many other helpful resources. Also check out their blog for pro tips about repurposing your podcast, making a great podcast pitch, etc.


Want to get more from your audio content? Add your content to “the world’s largest growing library of audio content” for free. Audioburst will expose your show to search engines and applications, and make your content searchable by keyword. Learn about new ways to monetize your podcast and monitor your performance.  

Audience Insights

Audience Insights is a media research consultancy by teams of media, research and data professionals. They offer brand health studies, content testing, and impact studies, music compatibility analysis and other crucial information you need to take your podcast to the next level.

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