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About Us

LaunchPod Media is the premier podcast production house and agency. Basically, a podcast record label & SEO agency rolled into one. We specialize on maximizing brand authority through the stickiest content on the internet; Podcasts. We do this through various services and in depth knowledge of how to make your podcast rank and make it more discoverable through our proven proprietary process.

Some Numb3rs

  1. 89% Open Rate
  2. 97% Listen Rates
  3. 75% Podcast featured on iTunes and Spotify
  4. 49% of podcasts are done at home,
  5. 22% in the carPodcasts are the Stickiest content with
  6. 80% of people listening to a full episode with an average of 7 shows per week
  7. 50% of American homes consider themselves Podcast fans 
  8. 32% of Podcasters make over 75k+ a year
  9. More than 45% of listeners have a college degree
  10. 56% of those have an advanced degree.Podcast listeners are more likely to follow company’s brands on social media

68% of podcast listeners purchase something from a podcast they listen to every 3 months 

  1. 38% of small business owners listen to a podcast every week. 
  2. Podcasting has increased more than 150% in the past 4 years. 

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